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Buyers and sellers there tasted the condiment, compared it to their local sauce and shared their opinions.

When he saw the American sauce in the red bottle with a white rooster on it, one government officer in the city of Si Racha said, “What do you mean it's from America?

Its name is Sriracha.” A Thai food writer in Thailand agreed.

The general idea that Thai people are all the same is not true, there are actually 4 different type of Thai people that are generally segregated by where the Thai person comes from.

There are North, South, Eastern, and central Thai people.

Contratry to popular belief about how polite Thai people are and how respect is a huge part of society, the truth couldn't be further from the truth.

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Thai people even have a saying about what they are like depending on where you come from a Thai person would say Northern Thai people are lazy, Southern Thai people are bad news, Central Thai people are selfish, Eastern Thai people only care about money.

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You can buy clothing decorated with the famous Sriracha rooster. There is even a 2013 documentary film, Sales of Sriracha are greater than $80 million each year.Tabasco is not only hotter but also five times more expensive than Tran’s Sriracha sauce. When David Tran made the sauce, he did not copyright the Sriracha name. Five years later, he began hand-bottling his new sauce for restaurants in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles, California.The Louisiana-based company that makes Tabasco, is now making its own "Premium Sriracha Sauce." In fact, large and small companies in the U. David Tran was a major in the South Vietnamese army. “Sriracha” is a variation of the spelling of the Thai town of Si Racha.This success has made Sriracha, named after a city on Thailand’s coast, a household name in America.The popularity of Sriracha sauce is even more amazing considering the company that makes the sauce has never advertised. He is an ethnic Chinese from Vietnam who immigrated to California.She said, "because of the name it's obvious that it should be from Thailand.” A VOA correspondent brought the American Sriracha sauce to a food market in Si Racha.